Gorakhpur is an important district  of Eastern U.P. and  is the main terminus for Kushinagar, Kapilvastu and Nepal.

Gorakhpur is well connected with all major cities of India. It has computer- reservation facility.

Frequent road-transport is available for all major cities of U.P. The main Bus-stand is near railway station . Buses are available since early in the morning (3.00 Am) till late night, from Gorakhpur to Sanauli. Also, frequent service is available for other routes like Varanasi, Lucknow, Kanpur, Delhi etc.

Air Force Station is 8 Km. from the railway station.  Daily flights are available from Gorakhpur to Delhi and  Kolkata.

Another airstrip of U.P. Civil Aviation is also available in Kasia, 55 kms  away from Gorakhpur in Kushinagar district.  Nearest other commercial Airports are Lucknow and Varanasi. For other information regarding flights please check online websites.