Emergency Operation Centre(EOC)

About Emergency Operation Centre

Aapda Mitra – A force of volunteers trained in Disaster Managment

An Emergency Operation Center (EOC) had been set up in the Collectorate of Gorakhpur to deal & coordinate with any threatening situation by simulating and sharing all the approaching & ongoing disaster-related information with the concerned stakeholders.
Method of Functioning of EOC:-
☞ Initially Call is received at 1077 regarding any disaster in the context of Gorakhpur.
☞ Further, an elaborative detailing of the situation is collected to ensure the reality/ existence of criticality of situation by EOC officials in consultation with various departments on the basis of information disseminated to EOC by 1077.
☞ All the members of DDMA are immediately informed about the approaching threatening situation.
☞ Alertness of all the concerned stakeholders (District Hospital, NDRF battalion, SDM, Fire dept., Police dept., Ambulance services, Flood division) by EOC.
☞ After that emergency support functionaries are informed about the incident.
☞ Disaster response agencies leave towards the spot of disaster followed by a periodical updation in the information related to the place of hazard by concerned agencies.
☞ Regular update of the rescue operation is collected & shared with the concerned stakeholders
☞ Finally, Chairman of DDMA decides for the closure of rescue operation at the site after analyzing the situation in an effective way.

District Level Incident Response System

Offsite Emergency Action Plan

Preparatory Report – Offsite Emergency Action Plan