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Disasters being an inevitable event need an enhanced level of preparation by all the concerned stakeholders. The same practice has been done by DDMA in its past & is continuously being done for enhancing measures for mitigation & preparedness to safeguard the life & properties of Gorakhpur by adopting all measures to mitigate the socio-economic disruption & environmental degradation after the occurrence of any disaster. Some steps adopted by DDMA Gorakhpur for disaster risk reduction in Gorakhpur have been elaborated in the files attached below.
Gorakhpur is a multi-hazard-prone district of eastern Uttar Pradesh, which lies in Zone IV of an earthquake and its topology is colossally prone to floods, lightning & drought. Mock drills are frequently being organized by DDMA in a structured way to enhance the disaster preparedness of hazard-prone areas of Gorakhpur. Major emphasized part during the mock is intensive training of concerned stakeholders for ensuring an effective disaster response. The above training is followed by training of communities on quick evacuation from hazard & method to coordinate with responsible response agencies dealing with the vulnerable communities during a disaster.

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