Animal Husbandry

The animal husbandry department which looks after development of animal husbandry is divided into two sections viz. veterinary section and animal husbandry section. The veterinary section deals with treatment of sick animals and control of cattle diseases. The animal husbandry section is concerned with the development of cattle, poultry breeding, sheep breeding and allied schemes.

Numerous schemes were introduced in the district for the development of cattle. The breed of cattle is improved by the artificial insemination scheme in the district.

Due to unhealthy climate the district has never been free from cattle diseases in some form or other. The most common cattle diseases are foot and mouth diseases which is least deadly. Rinderpest and anthrax and Haemorrhagic septicemia or malignant nose throat prevalent in the low-lying areas are also not uncommon.  For horses in certain localities tetanus is prevalent while glanders and worm in the eye
occur with considerable frequency. Fowl pox and ranikhet disease are common among the birds of the district.

Scientific remedies included vaccination against various diseases. With the establishment of veterinary hospitals and stock-man centres where first aid is given to animals. For the treatment of cattle diseases pashu nirodhak kendra has been established with a view to avoid infection in cattle from Nepal.

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