About Bauddha Museum

Govt. Bauddha Museum

Government Bauddha Museum Gorakhpur harbour antiquities collected from eastern region of Uttar Pradesh, which has been the ancient leading centre of spiritual and mystic movements having its root is the Shraman and Vedic traditions. The legacy of the above philosophies imbibed in the preaching of Tirthankar Mahavir, Lord Buddha, Guru Gorakhanath and Kabir. The area abounds in historical and archaeological sites such as Lahuradeva, Ramnagarghat, Lumbini, Devdaha, Kapilvastu (Piprahwa) Kopia, Sohagaura, Kushinagar, Pawa and so on yielding important finds.

Government Bauddha Museum Gorakhpur was established in 1987 and is located in the Ramgarhtal project area, about 6 km. south east from the railway and bus station. 1 km. South East from circuit house and 1 km. East from Planetarium. The visitors can stay in various guest houses, Private lodges and hotels.

The museum’s main aim is the collection, preservation, documentation, exhibition of the cultural property and to make them available for educational activities for creating awareness about the glorious past.