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The agriculture department is headed under the supervision of the Deputy Director of Agriculture, Gorakhpur region with headquarters at Gorakhpur.

In the district, the District Agriculture Officer and  Additional District Agriculture Officers,  looks after the execution of all agricultural activities in the district such as plant protection, oil-seed extension work, jute development work and the like. Under him are  Assistant Development Officers (Agriculture)  for the execution of schemes, supervision of seed stores, distribution of fertilizers and recovery of agricultural dues.

The plant protection officer with headquarters at Gorakhpur supervises operations aiming at control of pests and plant diseases through a network of 30 units spread over the 31 development blocks. He also provides the necessary equipment and technical know-how to farmers and horticulturists. The plant protection officer is assisted by three plant protection inspectors and two assistant plant protection inspectors.


The horticulture department  is controlled by the Dy. Director (Horticulture) whith District Horticulture Officer,  who are assisted by a Senior Horticulture Inspectors, District Horticulture Inspector, Assistant Horticulture Inspector and  gardeners. They supervise the layout of orchards and the planting of fruit trees and offer technical guidance to horticulturists and vegetable growers. A senior horticulture inspector is posted here to supervise the banana package scheme.

Soil Conservation

A soil conservation scheme is running in the district under the charge of a District Soil Conservation  Officer. He is assisted by   Soil Conservation Inspectors,   Assistant Soil Conservation Inspectors,  Overseers, and a Technical Assistant. The office of deputy director of soil conservation also exists at Gorakhpur.