Gallery -Bauddha Museum


Presently five galleries are on display in the museum. Selected pieces of sculptures, terracottas, metal images, potteries, thankas, miniature paintings and bronzes have been exhibited in the galleries.

Maha Pandit Rahul Sankrityayan

The first gallery dedicated to Maha Pandit Rahul Sankrityayan consists of Buddhist and Jain art objects ranging from Kushana period down to the medieval age. Sculptures of the Mathura and Gandhar school represent various events of Buddha’s life. In this gallery Buddha has been shown in various posture intense, Meditation, Abhay, Dharmachakra-pravartan posture and tantrika image of Bodhisattva in black stone bearing a small figure of Buddha in meditation has been shown. Buddha has also been shown into niches of the two stupas displayed here. Fantastically decorated inscribed Jain Ayagpatta, Tirthankar Mahavir, Parshwanath are also on display in this gallery.

Archeological Gallery

In this gallery are important from the point of view of iconographical study. Uma Maheshwar, Varahi, Standing Vishnu, eight handed dancing Ganesh, Saptamatrika and Navgraha have also been placed in this gallery.

In this gallery has been also displayed stone age tools, pottery and terracotta from the Buddhist site Banarsia, Rajdhani, Kopia and other places. Animal figure, pots, seals, Suka-sarika, Dakini (a baby eater), human figures are ranging from Mauryan period down to the Gupta period certainly deserve appreciation from the visitors.

Various Dimention of Arts Gallery

Metal images, ivory, wooden, crystal and stone images are on display in this gallery. Such as Mahaparinirvana Buddha, Bhumi Sparsh Buddha and standing Vishnu, Gajlaxmi etc.

Miniature Paintings Gallery

Miniature paintings of Rajasthani, Pahari and Bundi style such as a gift presented to Radha by Krishna, Vibhas ragini and the story of Panchatantra, Makhanchor Krishna, Mahisha-surmardini, Rasleela, Vishnu on Garuna and also displayed in this gallery Thankas, Shakya Buddha, Devi Chunda, Manju Shree, Manusi Buddha are exhibited in the gallery.

Jain Gallery

In this gallery inscribed Jain Ayagpatta, Tirthankar Rishabhnath, Parashwanath, Chandraprabh, Ambika, Sarvato-bhadrika and architectural remains are displayed.

Some decorative pieces, ornaments, Punch Mark coins, Indo-Greek. Kushana, Gupta and later coins in its collection. The museum is at the developing stage and efforts are being made to collect the specimens from different places and Institutions. Museum organises educational programmes such as lectures, seminars and various competitions. It also aims at co-ordinating with other cultural and educational organizations for disseminating Indian and particularly Buddhist philosophy and culture.