Polling Centre & Polling Station

Assemblywise list of Polling Centre & Polling Station(After Revision 2018)

S.No. Assembly Name Name of Polling Centre and Polling Station
1. 320-Campierganj Click here (PDF 2.0MB)
2. 321-Pipraich Click here (PDF 5.92MB)
3. 322-Gorakhpur Urban Click here (PDF 9.12MB)
4. 323-Gorakhpur Rural Click here (PDF 5.68MB)
5. 324-Sahjanwa Click here (PDF 5.15MB)
6. 325-Khajni Click here (PDF 4.31MB)
7. 326-ChauriChaura Click here (PDF 9.78MB)
8. 327-Bansgaon Click here (PDF 8.51MB)
9. 328-Chillupar Click here (PDF 5.96MB)