The village and cottage industries include mostly the handicrafts handed down from generation to generation. Cotton textiles, pottery, edible and non-edible oils, metal ware, carpentry pieces, footwear, baskets, blankets etc, are the goods falling under this group of industries, which are manned and owned by particular section of the village community. Textiles provide employment to the largest number of workers (as compared to other handicrafts).

Handloom Industry

Dhotis, bed covers, tablecloths towels etc,are produced in 6,600 units using fly-shuttle looms. the trade is mainly located at Gorakhpur, Piprauli, Barhalganj and Rigauli Bazar. Efforts are being made to introduce power-looms and about half of the number of units in this industry have been organized as co-operative societies.

Cotton-yarn is the main raw material used in the trade. Its scarce in recent years caused some sort of a setback to the industry, the government have taken steps to overcome the shortage.

Cotton-yarn is also spun in villages by women of the district who are provided with training facilities. They get cotton and the Khadi Gram Udyog commission buys the yarn the spinners. But the cotton-yarn produced by the rural spinners is generally not of standard counts and the quantity of yarn produced annually is also low.

Woolen Blankets

Artisans, adept in the craft of weaving blankets from wool,produce blankets at Gorakhpur and Pandepar in tahsil Bansgaon. Wool, which is procured from the sheep of the district is used as raw material, Sometimes wool of finer quality is imported from the hill districts of the state. Blankets Which are coarse, are sold to the Villagers of the district.


Handicraft made locally


Darees made locally