Swachhta Hi Seva Abhiyan

15/09/2018 - 02/10/2018
Swacchata hi Seva Abhiyaan

Swacchata hi Seva

The Central Government launched nationwide campaign with the slogan of Sanitation service till October 2, two festivals will be celebrated as a festival. Under the very ambitious plan of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat Mission, cleanliness of the whole country will be woken up. President Ramnath Kovind started it on Friday from Ishvarganj village of Kanpur country.

In order to fulfill the dream of Mahatma Gandhi’s clean India, Ministry of Hygiene and Drinking Water has decided to run nationwide campaign. Many such programs will be organized in the fortnight till Gandhi Jayanti by October 2. In this, labor contribution and people will be motivated to participate in it.

Hygiene is also linked to health, safety and respect of women. The economy of the country is directly linked to cleanliness. According to a report from UNICEF, good hygiene per family can save at least 50 thousand rupees per year.
It is expected from the Union Ministers, Chief Ministers, MPs, government and non-government organizations that they will assist in making the area around them open-defecation open and be motivating for the people. By making public and tourist spots clean, the country’s image will be cleaned. Regarding sanitation, the central ministry and the state governments can play an important role in providing sanitation facilities to the deprived sections of society.

Regarding cleanliness, it is expected that people will do the cleaning work voluntarily and will include other people in it. People will do the same in Panchayat and urban bodies, public places, bus stands, hospitals and other places will be cleaned, in which the local people will be involved.