Dastak Campaign

01/07/2019 - 31/07/2019
समस्त ग्राम पंचायत / ग्राम सभा, गोरखपुर

The Uttar Pradesh government launched massive door to door campaign “DASTAK” against Acute Encephellitis Syndrome(AES) and Japanese Encephallitis(JE). The campaign was launched in association with UNICEF.

Objective :

The objective behind the campaign is to eradicate deadly Acute Encephellitis Syndrome(AES) and Japanese Encephellitis(JE) disease from the state and appealed everyone to fight collectively against it.


The war cry of DASTAK is ‘Darwaja khatkhatao, AES aur JE ko Bhagao’.

Implementation :

In DASTAK campaign, whole state machinery with the help of UNICEF will go door to door in affected districts which mostly fall in the tarai region of the state contributes to about 60 percent of the total AES cases all over the country.

In this campaign, many departments of the state especially health, rural development, primary education will work together to spread awareness about the disease through mass media communication, provide clean drinking water, initiate sanitation drive, ensure vaccination and early treatment so that disease should be nipped in the bud. Children of 600 schools in the affected areas will also be part of this campaign.