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With the aim of providing employment to the   troops at the end of the Second World War, the National Directorate of Rehabilitation and Employment was established at the central level in 1945, who  established Employment offices in different parts of the country. The  training and employment Service Organisation committee constituted in 1952 in the Chair of the parliamentary member Shri Shiva Rav. Consequently, the daily administration of employment  offices from 1956 was transferred to the State Government by the Central Government .   In 1959,   Compulsory Notification of Vacancies  Act was passed by the Indian Parliament   with the aim of making the Employment offices more effective,  which was implemented in  may 1960 (in addition to Jammu and Kashmir) in the entire country. In Uttar Pradesh, under the employment service there are currently 90 Employment offices.

Activities of the Sevayojan Department:-

Employment offices  under the Department of Training and Employment are provided with employment opportunities to the registered unemployed candidates in the office relative to the vacancies notified by the planners. As well as unemployed candidates are given employment opportunities through career counseling. Inviting private sector planners to organise employment fairs is also done by the Department to provide more employment opportunities to the  unemployed.

The Employment department operates the following schemes:-

1. Careers Counseling:

The scheme is aimed at organizing career counseling camps to employment opportunities and to provide information on opportunities available in the employment market. Provide guidance to   jobless, helping people in job selection according to their qualification, trainings and  guidance for selection of appropriate livelihoods to the students and jobless under business guidance programme in the Department of National Employment Service of Govt. of India Manual.

A career Counseling cell was established at the Directorate level in 2006 – 07 for the fulfillment of the objectives. Its   main objective is to determine the goals for the area offices for career Counseling and to guide them from time to time. In the year 2008,  under  the Career Couseling  programme  organised  and coordinated variety of intensive programmes towards making the business guidance programme more dynamic like  ‘ Innovative Efforts and Nutan Disha ‘ .  Every year, according to the set target  workshops and camps were organised by  District Sevayojan offices.

2. Employment Fair:

Efforts are also being made to provide employment opportunities to the unemployed candidates in the private sector by the employment offices of the state. Employment   fairs  are organized by employment offices in which the desired companies and the institutions  can gather at one place and    select from the  unemployed candidates accordingly.  To make employment fair and trabsparent the job seekers have to register on the  Sevayojan portal.   After registration, the planners/companies  can upload the vacancies of their institution to the Sevayojan portal. The system generated mail that matches the profile of the unemployed candidates relative to the notified vacancies as to the educational qualification, skill and experience,    will be sent to the candidate. The wholes system is based on   “first come first serve” .

3. Teaching &  Guidance Centre:

The main objective of teaching and guidance centres established in 52 districts of the state is to support and provide trainings on shorthand, basic computer knowledge, general knowledge to  the poor and the other backward class of the society to enhance their employment capacity.

4. Model Career Centre:

As per the instruction of Director General, Employment & Training, Govt. of India,   the Career Counseling Cell , New Delhi and District Employment Office, Ghaziabad has been  proposed to be developed as a model career centre, which has been accepted by the Govt. of India
The model career Centre provides training to the students who are studying  and  are trainees at various  institutes throughout the state. This  centre provides information on newly emerging businesses of teaching, training and employment in the current environment.

5. Employment Market Information:-

Aggregation, compilation, propagation and dissemination of information regarding various dimensions of employment ⁄ unemployment. State employment Market Information