Adhyaksh                        - Chairman
Amin                              - An Official who collected revenue under the Nawabs of Awadh
Bhajan                            - Devotional Song
Bidi                                - Indigenous cigarette made of Tendu Leaves and tobacoo
Dai (s)                            - Midwife other than those who hold diploma
Dholak                            - A long cylindrical Drum covered with perchment
Gaon                              - Village
Gram Sabha                     - Village Assembly
Goshala                          - Place for keeping the cattle
Kairana                           - General merchandise
Khandsari                        - Indigenous sugar
Kharanja                         - Pavement of bricks
Kurta                              - Lose collarless shirt worn by men
Kavi Sammmelan               - Symposium of poets (Hindi)
Malikhana                        - Proprietary allowance
Mauza                             - Revenue village
Moonj                             - A kind of long reed of which ropes etc. are made
Mundan                           - First head shaving ceremony among the Hindus
Munsif                             - A subordinate judge
Mushaira                          - Symposium of poets (Urdu)
Naib                                 - Assistant
Nala (s)                            - Nallah
Nazul                               - The land belonging to government situated within the municipal area, but not belonging to any particular department
Niwar                               - Thick wide cotton tape
Nyay                                - Justice
Pathsala                            - School
Pracharak                         - Propagator
Qawwali                           - Persian or Urdu verses rendered to a  traditionally set tume
Reh                                  - Saline efforescence
Sewain                              - Vermicelli
Up-adhyaksh                     - Vice-chairman
Vaid                                  - Practitioner of Ayurvedic system of medicine

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