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In eastern U.P.,  Gorakhpur is the place of cultural importance as the 'Cradle of Buddhism'.


51 Km east of Gorakhpur on National Highway no. 28, Kushinagar is an international tourist place closely associated with legend Lord Buddha, Founder of Buddhism . It is one of the  four sacred places of Lord Buddha. Buddha delivered  his  last  sermon, attained 

Mahaparinirvana (salvation) in 483 BC and was cremated at Rambhar Stupa. The reclining   nirvana   statue of Lord Buddha inside the temple is 6.10 mt. long and is made of monolith  red-sand   stone of the  5th  century A.D. It represents  the   'Dieing-Buddha'  reclining  on  his  right side with his face towards the west. Being the death-  place  of Lord  Buddha,   it is holy place for pilgrimage.  Indo-Japanese Temple, Burmeses Temple, chinese Temple, Thai Temple, Korean, SriLankan, Tibettan temples, 15 Acres Meditation ParkMuseum are the other attractions at Kushinagar.

Nirvana Statue of Gautam Buddha


 Lumbini is the birth place of Lord Buddha, situated across the border in  Nepal, 124 Km. north west of Gorakhpur. Here stands the Ashoka Pillar which bears the inscriptions 'The shakyamuni born here ' in Prakrit language, commemorating the emperor's visit to this place in the 20th year his coronation.Temple of Lord Buddha's mother, Mahamaya, is of importance. New monastries of different countries are coming up.


97 Km. north of Gorakhpur, on the state highway-1A, Kapilvastu is now being developed as an International  Buddhist  Pilgrimage  Centre.

Here, Lord  Buddha spent 29 years  of his early life. There is big  stupa, from where the  relics of Buddha  were discovered during  excavations.  Ruins of monastries & palaces can be seen at Ganvaria.  Also, there are some other historical religious  places of worship, the shivling, Narahi, Kubernath and Palta Devi are temples of attraction.  Narahi temple is dedicated to Surya, the Sun god and built on the pattern of Konark Style.


Relics of Buddha found during excavation at Kapilvastu Stupa at Kapilvastu

Chauri Chaura (SHAHEED SMARAK)

25 Km. from Gorakhpur, it is the place of historical importance. Here was the famous chauri-chaura incidence of the 4th Feb.1922 took place. Shaheed Smarak, Park  and Museaum are of great attractions.


  Chauri Chaura Shaheed Smarak


Situated on National Highway -28, it is 27 Km. west of Gorakhpur in District Sant Kabir Nagar. It is the death place of great saint and social reformer of the medieval ages, SANT KABIR DAS . The 'Mazaar' and 'Samadhi Sthal' of Kabir Das stand side by side as a living symbol of communal harmony. On Makar Sankranti, a five-days festival of communal harmony is held here every year.

Pawa nagar

It is a 'Nirvana' place of Lord Mahavir, 24th tirthankar, 72 km. away, east of Gorakhpur on the National Highway -28 . Followers of Jain sect organise a festival here on the next day of Deepawali every year, when lord Mahavir hasd attained salvation.

Tarkulha Devi

Tarkulha Devi, the local deity is  closely associated with the great freedom fighter Bandhu Singh. A one-month long mela is held every year on the occasion of 'Chaitra Ram Navami'.


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