E- District

 Minutes of Meetings


 Consultants- 3i Infotech Ltd


e-District is a State Mission Mode Project under the National e-Governance Plan.  The project aims at enabling development of content for delivery of (high volume) Citizen Centric Services  in the district , primarily through the Common Service Centers-  leveraging infrastructure MMPs such as  SWAN and SDC.

Government of India has recently approved the National eGovernance Plan (NeGP) in pursuance of its policy of introducing e-Governance on a massive scale, as enunciated in the National Common Minimum Programme. The NeGP vision aims to “Make all Government Services accessible to the common man in his locality, through common service delivery outlets and ensure efficiency, transparency and reliability of such services at affordable costs to realize the basic needs of the common man”.

  •     To realize this vision, 27 Central, State and Integrated Mission Mode Project (MMPs) alongwith 8 support components have been identified and approved by Cabinet under NeGP, to enable and facilitate rapid introduction of e-Governance in the country, with focus on service delivery. As per the implementation strategy, an identified line Ministry/Department would define the service and service levels of their respective MMPs and develop detailed guidelines for achieving the same.

  •        For delivery of “web-enabled” anytime anywhere access to information and service across the country, NeGP envisions 3 pillars of eGovernance infrastructure. These are State Wide Area Networks (SWAN) , State Data Centre for secure and fail safe data storage, and Common Service Centres (CSCs) as the primary front-ends for service delivery.

  •        e-District, is 1 of the 27 Mission Mode Projects under NeGP under the Department of IT, GoI. eDistrict aims at providing support to the basic administrative unit i.e. “District Administration” to enable content development of G2C services, which would optimally leverage and utilize the three infrastructure pillars, to deliver services to the citizen at his doorstep.    For further details  click here