Eminent Personalities

Gorakhpur is proud of having a galaxy of   personalities who brought in national and international  accolate and glory to the district through their best services in different walks of life. Even today, they are immortalized with institutions named after them.

mapleleaf.gif (5972 bytes)BABA RAGHAVDAS

Raghvendra Rao (original name),  born   in  pune, a  staunch  patriot and  an  eminent social worker is popularly known as the  Gandhi of Poorvanchal. He aroused cultural and national feelings, spread out education, served the poorest / lepers and sacrificed his life for the socio- economic betterment of the people of Purvanchal.  In recognition to his service the medical college is named after him. Also for the shelter of lepers, Kushth Sewa Ashram was set   up by him, 1951 at Gorakhpur. The noble saint and philosopher left for his heavenly abode on 15th January, 1958.

mapleleaf.gif (5972 bytes)RAMPRASAD BISMIL (1897-1927)

Born  in  Shajahanpur, Ramprasad  Bismil   was a  great  revolutionary  and believed in armed struggle against   the  British  ruler.  As the main accused in the famous Kakori Conspiracy Case (1925) he was hanged  to  death  in  Gorakhpur District Jail on 19th Dec.1927. He wrote his autobiography in jail, his last words being " I wish the downfall of the British Empire". His martyrdom at prime age inspired the people of Gorakhpur particularly  and the nation to advance the freedom struggle to its logical end.

mapleleaf.gif (5972 bytes)BABU BANDHU SINGH

The  first  great  freedom  fighter   of Gorakhpur,  waged  Guerilla War  with  the Britishers, was at last arrested  through  an   informer  and  hanged  at Alinagar Chowk, Gorakhpur  on 12th Aug.  1857. His supreme  sacrifice  remained  a  perpetual   source of  inspiration  for the  people of Gorakhpur till the attainment of freedom.

mapleleaf.gif (5972 bytes)FIRAQ GORAKHPURI

Original name Raghupati  Sahay,  a   noted Urdu poet,  recipient of  Gyanpeeth  Award   belonged  to Gorakhpur.

mapleleaf.gif (5972 bytes)PREM CHAND

Original name Ganpat Rai, World famous  Hindi Writer, was born in Varanasi but Gorakhpur was his work-place.  As  a writer  he got  recognition from Gorakhpur  during his stay as an Asst. teacher and Hostel Superintendent (1916-1921).

mapleleaf.gif (5972 bytes)HANUMAN PRASAD PODDAR

Hanuman  Prasad  Poddar,  lovingly called as   Bhaijee, a multifacent  personality, an editor of famous religious magazine 'Kalyan' is remembered for his untiring efforts to propogate and disseminate Hindu religion across the world.

mapleleaf.gif (5972 bytes)MAHANT DIGVIJAYNATH

One  of  the  famous  founder  of   the  Hindu  Maha  Sabha, a  great  nationalist  and follower of yogi Gorakhnath, was closely associated with the famous Gorakhnath temple and established a number of educational institutions in the city. His  contribution   to the  establishment  of  Gorakhpur  University is significant.

mapleleaf.gif (5972 bytes)Pt. S.N.M. TRIPATHI

Pt. Surti Narayan Mani Tripathi was the  First ICS of UP State. He has held  many important posts including the post of District Magistrate - Gorakhpur.  That was the time when Pt. S.N.M. Tripathi took a vow to build an University in Gorakhpur. He was the Founder President of the Gorakhpur University. Other personalities like Mahant Digvijaynath, Shri Hanuman Prasad Poddar, Sardar Majithia were also members of the foundation team.

 mapleleaf.gif (5972 bytes) Pt. Dashrath Prasad Dwivedi

An editor of  'Swadesh' is known for his patriotic writings-editing.

mapleleaf.gif (5972 bytes)VIR BAHADUR SINGH

Vir  Bahadur Singh,  real  son  of  the  soil, ex. Chief  Minister  of U.P. and  Central  Cabinet Minister   of Communication,  is  widely   remembered  as  the architect  of  modern  Gorakhpur. Gorakhpur   is indebted to  him for  ushering a  series of  developmental   activities, the prominent being upgradation of the  city Gorakhpur to B class  and  Nagar Nigam, creation of  Gorakhpur Development Authority,   construction   of  residential  colonies,  openeing  of   Sports College,  Mahila  I.T.I. and  Navodaya Vidhyalaya, ambitous Ramgarh Project, Entertainment and Amusement Parks and widening of Roads.

mapleleaf.gif (5972 bytes) Sir Surjit Singh Majithia

An Industrialist, founder of Sardar Nagar Sugar Mill and others. Sports loving and known for his charitable works.

mapleleaf.gif (5972 bytes) Dr. Vidya Niwas Misra

Eminent Scholar of Hindi, Sanskrit Litrature resident of Gola Tehsil of Gorakhpur District. Padmeshree Awardee.

mapleleaf.gif (5972 bytes) Smt. Janaki Devi

An Illiterate activist who reformed the people of many villages and is popular for her Social Activities. Resident of  a Village of Pipraich Block, District Magistrate of Gorakhpur felicitated her alongwith other officials and public personalities.

mapleleaf.gif (5972 bytes) Daler Mehndi

Popular Punjabi Singer, started his carrier from Gorakhpur District.

mapleleaf.gif (5972 bytes) Jafar Gorakhpuri

Popular Filmy Song Writer known for his song    'Bada Lutfa tha  jab .....' , belongs to Gorakhpur.

                        Sports Personalities from Gorakhpur

mapleleaf.gif (5972 bytes)Syed Modi

An ace badminton  player of  Gorakhpur, eight times national champion(1980-87), recipient of Arjuna Award,  winner of  Gold   Medal  in Common Wealth Games(1982),  bronze medalist of Asian games (1982),  took  participation  in several  international   tournaments.  He  was  known as the great stroke player  both   on forehand and  backhand. Unfortunately, his promising life was cut short by the cruel assasin's bullet on 28th June. 1988.

mapleleaf.gif (5972 bytes) NARENDRA HIRWANI

Narendra Hirwani, born and brought up in Gorakhpur but played Ranji for M.P. State, is the youngest cricket  test  player and  became  crickecters of the year (1988).  National  record  of taking maximum number of  wickets (16 for 136) in test match( against west Indies at Madras) goes to his credit. 

mapleleaf.gif (5972 bytes)Prem Maya

Hockey Player, represented and captained Indian Women Hockey team. Arjun Awardee.  

mapleleaf.gif (5972 bytes) Late Shri. Janardan Singh

Bharat Bhim and famous wrestler from Gorakhpur.

mapleleaf.gif (5972 bytes) Panne Lal Yadav

India Fame Wrestler, represented India, in India  and abroad. Yash Bahrti Awardee.

mapleleaf.gif (5972 bytes) Ram Ashray Yadav, Chandra Vijay Singh,  Janardan Yadav

Wrestlers, represented India Railways Team as well as Indian Team. All are Yash Bharti Awardee.